Pride and gratitude

Dutch express pride at Iraqi achievements in war on ISIS

BAGHDAD, January 22 – Iraqi Defense Minister Thabet Mohammed Said Al-Abbasi met with Dutch Defense Minister Kaisie Ollongren and her delegation at his office in the ministry.

A readout of the meeting stated the ministers focused on ways to enhance bilateral relations between Iraq and the Netherlands, particularly in military aspects to benefit both countries’ military institutions.

Al-Abbasi expressed his gratitude for the Netherlands’ role in the international coalition supporting Iraq against ISIS. The coalition, which included the Netherlands, has been crucial in providing military training, advice, and assistance. This support was instrumental in the Iraqi armed forces’ successful campaigns to reclaim areas under ISIS control.

Highlighting this theme, Ollongren expressed her pride in the achievements of the Iraqi armed forces in battle. She affirmed the Netherlands’ ongoing commitment to support Iraq in its continued efforts to combat terrorism and contribute to regional stability.

The meeting, aimed at reinforcing military cooperation between Iraq and the Netherlands, was also attended by several high-ranking officers from the Ministry of Defense.

Dutch 'agree with Al-Sudani' on international coalition presence in Iraq

Dutch 'agree with Al-Sudani' on international coalition presence in Iraq