PM Al-Sudani meets Dutch defense minister

Dutch ‘agree with Al-Sudani’ on international coalition presence in Iraq

BAGHDAD, January 22 — Dutch Defense Minister Kaisie Ollongren says that the Netherlands aligns with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani’s vision to evolve the mission of the international coalition into a new level of relations and cooperation with coalition countries.

Translated statement from the Office of Prime Minister Al-Sudani:

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani welcomed Dutch Defense Minister Kaisie Ollongren and her accompanying delegation on Monday morning. The meeting explored bilateral relations and ways to enhance cooperation in various fields. They also discussed the joint issues to be addressed during Prime Minister Al-Sudani’s forthcoming visit to the Netherlands, following an official invitation from the Dutch Prime Minister.

Al-Sudani praised the Netherlands’ efforts in assisting Iraq in its war against terrorism under the NATO alliance. He emphasized Iraq’s rejection of any attacks on its territory or sovereignty, reaffirming the government’s commitment to protect diplomatic missions and advisors in Iraq. He also underscored the government’s decision to reorganize its relationship with the international coalition, transitioning to a new level of bilateral relations and cooperation with coalition countries.

Al-Sudani highlighted the root causes of the region’s escalating conflict, attributing it to the ongoing war in Gaza and the heinous crimes committed by occupying forces against the Palestinian people. He called on the international community to exert pressure to halt the genocide and policies of killing and starvation, and to prevent opening other fronts that could destabilize the region and the world.

Ollongren expressed her gratitude for Al-Sudani’s efforts in maintaining security and stability and in fostering amicable relations between Iraq and the Netherlands. She confirmed that the Dutch government agrees with Al-Sudani’s perspective that the victory over ISIS necessitates a shift in the international coalition’s mission towards equitable bilateral relations, following the development of the Iraqi security forces’ capabilities. She also announced that the Netherlands would take over the command of the NATO mission in Iraq by mid-year and would collaborate with the Iraqi government to realize its new vision through the European advisory mission.

Dutch express pride at Iraqi achievements in war on ISIS

Dutch express pride at Iraqi achievements in war on ISIS