Following protests

Erbil governor announces rent relief for Langa Market vendors

ERBIL — Erbil Gov. Omed Khoshnaw announced Saturday that a decision to waive six months of rent and utility bills for shopkeepers in Erbil’s Langa Market will be finalized Sunday. This comes after protests by shopkeepers affected by a devastating fire that led to the temporary closure of the 100-meter street and public demonstrations. The shopkeepers have demanded compensation for damages caused by the market fire.

One shopkeeper told 964media there was perceived inequality in response efforts, noting a contrast with a recent flood in Duhok where affected individuals were promptly compensated. Meanwhile, the Langa Market has been awaiting compensation for over 20 days since the fire.

The market experienced a significant fire on Feb. 27, destroying 166 shops and damaging hundreds more. At a press conference Saturday, Khoshnaw said the shopkeepers’ decision to block the 100-meter street was “counterproductive.”