Authorities probe fatal attack

Man killed in Al-Kut city shooting

AL-KUT — A security source disclosed that a 29-year-old man was fatally shot in the head by an unidentified motorcyclist in the heart of Al-Kut city’s residential area on Friday.

The victim, identified as Hussein Ali Saeed Al-Abidi, a resident of the Al-Hawra area, was attacked while driving his car, leading to his instant death.

Wasit police have launched an investigation into the incident, combing through citywide surveillance footage to track down the assailant. Al-Abidi’s body has since been moved to the forensic department for examination.

In response to the escalating violence in Al-Kut and surrounding regions, the head of the Wasit Provincial Council announced the formation of a committee aimed at closely examining security protocols and underlying causes of such incidents, with a focus on deploying immediate countermeasures.

Details regarding the motive or further specifics about the incident remain unknown.