Stadium seats 1,000 spectators

Maysan governor inaugurates new sports stadium in Al-Majar Al-Kabir district

MAYSAN, December 4 — Maysan Governor Ali Douai announced on Sunday the opening of a stadium in Al-Majar Al-Kabir district with a capacity for 1,000 spectators and equipped with a running track and walkway.

In a statement, the governor said:

The inauguration of the stadium project in Al-Majar Al-Kabir covers an area of one dunam. The facility includes a football field, a circular track, an administrative wing consisting of two rooms and changing rooms for each team, a room for referees, and team restrooms. The stadium features covered stands for 1,000 spectators, along with fencing, walkways, lighting, and a generator, electrical transformer, 10 water tanks, washrooms, showers, coolers, water fountains, and more. Additionally, the stadium incorporates a sprinkler system for field cleaning and a players’ rest area with a platform for referees.