Residents welcome company's return

Korean company Hanwha to resume operations in Basmaya residential complex

BAGHDAD, September 16 — Korean company Hanwha is preparing to resume operations in the Basmaya residential complex following a new agreement to complete 100,000 housing units according to the approved project plan.

Local residents are welcoming the development, hoping that the company will also manage service provisions.

A representative from the National Investment Commission in Basmaya spoke to 964, stating: “The Investment Commission will systematically determine domestic and foreign funding sources for the Basmaya project. It is a major project and marks a new beginning for the remaining housing units for sale to citizens.”

Hamid Al-Sudani, a representative of one of the buildings in Basmaya, mentioned: “The Korean company met with us before its meeting with the Investment Commission, and we discussed the possibility of the company taking over maintenance and service work in the future, and they promised us well.”

Ali Hawash, a resident of the complex, expressed his joy, saying: “The company’s return is great news, as it is a reputable company capable of providing a large number of apartments in record time.”