President Rashid announces

Iraq to construct two new dams, seeks Iran’s ‘expertise’

BAGHDAD — President Abdul Latif Rashid announced plans for Iraq to construct two dams aimed at regulating water consumption, with the country seeking to leverage Iran’s expertise in this field. The announcement came during Rashid’s meeting with Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Kazem Al-Sadiq at the Al-Salam Palace.

The presidency’s statement detailed Rashid’s welcome of Ambassador Al-Sadiq, noting the discussions focused on deepening Iraq-Iran relations and expanding bilateral cooperation for the benefit of both nations and the wider region. Rashid referenced a productive meeting with Iran’s president at the seventh Gas Exporting Countries Forum summit in Algeria, highlighting strategies for balancing energy security with environmental concerns.

Rashid expressed enthusiasm for cooperation with Iran, particularly in dam construction and water management, citing ongoing projects to build two dams for rainfall utilization and water regulation. He commended Iran’s dam construction and sewage project experience.

Ambassador Al-Sadiq underscored Iran’s support for Iraq’s security and stability and expressed Iran’s eagerness to strengthen bilateral relations. He announced an upcoming Iranian delegation visit to Iraq to discuss water management and dam building projects.