Following weeks of political impasse

Ahmed Al-Jubouri nominates Badr Mahmoud Al-Fahl for Salah Al-Din governorship

SALAH AL-DIN – Ahmed Al-Jubouri (Abu Mazen), leader of the National Masses Party [Hizb Al-Jamaheer Al-Wataniyah], has officially nominated Badr Mahmoud Al-Fahl, a prominent figure within his party, for the position of Governor of Salah Al-Din.

In a statement released on X platform, Abu Mazen expressed his decision, stating, “I have chosen to nominate Badr Mahmoud Al-Fahl, for the role of Governor of Salah Al-Din, acknowledging his qualifications for this significant responsibility.”

“Given the province’s diverse communities and abundant resources, it deserves a candidate of his caliber to lead and serve as a model for other regions in the country.”

Previously, Abu Mazen had been elected as the provincial governor, but his appointment was not ratified by President Abdul Latif Rashid due to corruption allegations raised against him by state agencies.

The nomination of Al-Fahl brings an end to weeks of political deadlock in the Salah Al-Din political process.

Responding to his nomination, Al-Fahl, a member of the High Commission for Accountability and Justice, thanked Abu Mazen for nominating him for the governorship of Salah Al-Din.

In a Facebook post monitored by 964media, Al-Fahl stated, “I pray to God to grant us the confidence of our fellow brothers and sisters, members, and the head of the Provincial Council, as we begin our duties and strive to serve our province.”

For Al-Fahl to assume the position of governor, he must first secure the majority of votes in the Salah Al-Din Provincial Council and then receive approval from President Rashid.

New Salah Al-Din governor strikes inclusive tone in statement

New Salah Al-Din governor strikes inclusive tone in statement