Falsified customs transactions

Iraq’s integrity commission uncovers alleged fraud at Al-Munthiriya border crossing

BAGHDAD — The Integrity Commission announced Wednesday the arrest of two suspects and the discovery of 14 forged transactions at the Al-Munthiriya border crossing, leading to a loss of public funds.

In a statement to 964media, the commission said, “The Federal Integrity Commission has uncovered 14 manipulated customs transactions regarding their weights at the Al-Munthiriya border crossing, resulting in the loss of public funds. Two suspects were apprehended during the operation.”

The Government Media and Communication Office reported that a team from the Diyala Investigation Office moved quickly to the Al-Munthiriya crossing after receiving tips from the Border Ports Authority about weight manipulation in incoming cargo vehicles. “Following surveillance and investigation, the team arrested a crossing employee and a driver whose vehicle’s load weight had been altered, seized the original transaction, and impounded the vehicle at the customs police station.”

The office added that the team reviewed the customs transactions recorded on the day of the operation, uncovering 14 transactions with altered weights. “The transactions were confiscated, and the crossing’s management was instructed to impound the vehicles at the port after finding discrepancies amounting to tens of tons in their weight, along with forgery instances.”