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French president Macron confirms plans for Iraq visit

BAGHDAD – The French Ambassador to Iraq, Patrick Durel, announced on Tuesday to Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani that President Emmanuel Macron intends to visit Iraq as soon as possible. The purpose of the visit is to coordinate the efforts of French advisors and their support roles with the Iraqi forces.

Official statement:

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani, met today the new French Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Patrick Durel.

During the meeting, aspects of bilateral relations were discussed, along with ways to develop and strengthen the partnership between the two friendly countries.

His Excellency described the relations with France as distinguished, highlighting several significant economic contracts in the oil and defense sectors. These contracts serve as a crucial foundation for advancing bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

The prime minister reiterated Iraq’s stance on the presence of the international coalition on Iraqi soil, emphasizing the enhancement of Iraqi forces’ capabilities and the elimination of the threat posed by ISIS terrorist remnants to security. He further expressed Iraq’s aspiration to transition to a bilateral relationship with the coalition member states.

His Excellency addressed the ongoing aggression in Gaza and its implications for security and stability in the Middle East and the broader region. He emphasized the importance of France, major powers, and the international community taking a firm and responsible stance to protect the Palestinian people from inhumane genocide.

For his part, the French Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Patrick Durel, conveyed President Emmanuel Macron’s greetings to His Excellency, expressing the French President’s desire to visit Iraq at the earliest opportunity. The French government affirmed its commitment to enhancing memorandums of understanding with Iraq and bilateral coordination, particularly regarding the work of French advisors and their mission in supporting the Iraqi security forces.

National security advisor discusses information exchange with French Ambassador

National security advisor discusses information exchange with French Ambassador