Emphasizes 'the necessity of not exporting internal problems'

Iraqi representative’s statement at UN Security Council

During today’s United Nations Security Council session dedicated to discussing the situation in Iraq, Dr. Abbas Kadhim Obaid, the Iraqi representative, delivered a speech.

Highlights below:

The government succeeded in holding the provincial council elections after their suspension since 2013, especially in Kirkuk, which is considered a microcosm of Iraq with its components.

The governments of Baghdad and Erbil are working to focus on political cooperation through partnership, consensus, and balance. Coordination continues to reach agreements on fundamental issues, including the Region’s salaries, the federal budget law, and the cost of oil production in Kurdistan, and to reactivate the Iraqi-Turkish oil pipeline.

Iraq emphasizes the necessity of not exporting internal problems to the region. We reaffirm our position to stop the war on Gaza and to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Iraq and the United States held the first round of talks on the withdrawal of US forces and Coalition Forces from Iraq. The agenda and steps to end the mission of the International Coalition were discussed, with reference to Iraq’s desire to cooperate with the International Coalition in arms, training, consultation, information exchange, and tracking terrorism networks and revealing their sources of funding.

Iraq condemns and rejects all Turkish, Iranian, and American violations and attacks that targeted Iraqi territory, resulting in civilian casualties and damage to private and public property under flimsy pretexts. These are violations of sovereignty and threats to its security and people, contradicting the principles and objectives of the United Nations. We are committed to not allowing any party to tarnish its image by protecting its security and sovereignty.

Ms. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert surprised us with the news of ending her mission in Iraq, which made her feel and make us feel as she is part of Iraq. We thank her and hope that she will benefit from Iraq’s experience in her future endeavors.

UN Security Council convenes amidst mounting regional tensions

UN Security Council convenes amidst mounting regional tensions

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