UN envoy in Iraq

Hennis-Plasschaert: ‘Armed groups in Iraq must be neutralized’

NEWSROOM — Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, the United Nations envoy in Iraq, expressed her sorrow about the impending conclusion of her tenure in the country. During a speech to the Security Council, she addressed key issues concerning security and the displaced populations within Iraq.

Excerpts from her address:

Sending messages through strikes only leads to escalating tensions, killing or injuring people, and destroying property. Instead of resorting to the use of force, all efforts should focus on protecting Iraq from being drawn into any form of wider conflict.

The local elections were held peacefully on a wide scale and technically sound manner in 2023. This represented another milestone in the government’s efforts to break free from previous shortcomings, and we truly hope that the reconstruction of local governments signals another major step forward.

Reforms and development are necessary to open brighter futures for all Iraqis, futures where young people can utilize their skills and abilities to improve their lives and communities.

It is of utmost importance that all attacks cease.

The funding for January is welcome, but there is an urgent need for a lasting solution.

No government can do this alone, and we can only hope that all Iraqi politicians continue to strive to put the country on a clearer path to success, serving the interests of all Iraqis. The same applies to any other active party within or outside Iraq: they are expected to support this goal rather than thwart it.

Attacks must be stopped. I can only hope that people from all over the world will one day recognize Iraq for the beautiful country it is, a country of immense beauty, diversity, and rich culture, where many opportunities await.

I commend all Iraqis, men and women, for their sacrifices, strength, and deep commitment to building a prosperous, democratic, and peaceful Iraq. Long live Iraq.

We welcome the security dialogue between Iraq and the United States.

Unfortunately, the parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region have been delayed, and this ongoing delay does not contribute to achieving stability in Iraq. The Iraqi government’s decision to pay the salaries of the region’s employees is welcomed, and we believe it is the responsibility of the federal government to secure the salaries of the region’s employees.

We welcome the decision to close the camps for internally displaced persons in Iraq, and the United Nations mission emphasizes the need to find alternative solutions after closing the camps for internally displaced persons.

Armed groups in Iraq must be neutralized.

UN Security Council convenes amidst mounting regional tensions

UN Security Council convenes amidst mounting regional tensions