Plant operated by Dana Gas

Attack on gas plant sparks fire and causes power cut

Chamchamal, January 26 — An attack on the Khor Mor gas field in Chamchamal’s Qadir Karam sub-district, triggered a fire within a gas station at 10:30 pm on Thursday night.

According to a security source told 964media, the “suspected” drone attack resulted in a significant blaze engulfing a gas tank on the farm, specifically in an NGL tank, subsequently bringing gas production to a complete standstill.

It is not clear whether the attack was carried out by explosive drones or rockets.

This interruption had immediate effect on the Erbil gas power plant, where the sudden drop in electricity production forced the shutdown of all electricity units, as disclosed by a source within the Erbil gas station.

While a source from Chamchamal Civil Defense informed 964media today morning that the fire was controlled by United Arab Emirates-based company Dana Gas.

It was revealed that the Erbil gas power plant, equipped with eight turbines to generate electricity from the Khor Mor gas field, had previously operated only five turbines for electricity generation.

Late into the night, the Ministry of Electricity declared a suspension of electricity production due to the fire at the Khor Mor gas field. Emphasizing safety concerns for plant employees, the Ministry highlighted a temporary reduction in electricity supply for an hour.