Two other officers injured

Two suspects arrested in fatal shooting of Sulaymaniyah police officer

SULAYMANIYAH, January 22 – Security authorities in the Kurdistan Region announced the arrest of two suspects on Monday accused of involvement in the fatal shooting of a Sulaymaniyah police officer. The incident occurred late Sunday during an armed confrontation on Piramerd Street in central Sulaymaniyah city.

The Kurdistan Region Security Agency reported that both suspects were apprehended in a joint operation including security, operation, commando, and police forces.

Acting on a judicial order, Sulaymaniyah police attempted to execute an arrest warrant for several individuals on Piramerd Street at 10:00 p.m. Officers encountered armed resistance, resulting in the death of one officer and injury of two others.

Saman Nader, head of Sulaymaniyah’s Rapid Response Unit, informed 964media that three officers belonging to the Crime Prevention unit were injured in the incident. One of the officers reportedly succumbed to his injuries.

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