Baghdad-Kuwait flights also planned

Direct flights between Erbil and Kuwait to begin soon

ERBIL – Direct flights between Erbil and Kuwait will commence soon, Erbil Governor Omed Khoshnaw announced on Monday. A private company will handle the flights “with all necessary preparations completed,” Khoshnaw told 964media.

The announcement followed discussions on May 20 between Khoshnaw, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq Tariq Abdullah Al-Faraj, and Kuwaiti Consul General in the Kurdistan Region Othman Daoud.

Khoshnaw did not mention the company’s name but said it also plans to establish direct flights between Baghdad and Kuwait.

“We have urged for a joint commercial agreement between the chambers of commerce in Erbil and Kuwait, as well as investors from both countries, to strengthen commercial ties and trade exchanges,” Khoshnaw stated.

Currently, flights between Erbil and Kuwait typically involve one or more stopovers with airlines such as Pegasus, Turkish Airlines, and Qatar Airways. Direct flights will streamline travel between the two cities.

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