Arrested after fleeing scene

Father confesses to killing 18-year-old daughter in Penjwen

PENJWEN — A father has confessed to the fatal stabbing of his 18-year-old daughter in the Penjwen district of Sulaymaniyah, police said Monday. The incident, which occurred at 6 a.m., resulted in the father’s arrest on murder charges.

“After receiving reports of the murder, police began an investigation that confirmed the father inflicted severe knife wounds on his daughter, leading to her death at the hospital,” said Sarkawt Ahmed, a spokesperson for Sulaymaniyah Police.

The violence stemmed from a “social issue” that had persisted for a year, Ahmed explained. He noted that the young woman had previously eloped to Erbil with a boy but was returned to Penjwen and placed in her grandfather’s care following a court order. She was later returned to her father’s custody.

The victim had finished her fifth year of primary school. Her father, born in 1971, fled the scene but was captured by security forces within two hours and handed over to the police. He remains in custody under Article 406 of the Iraqi Penal Code, which pertains to murder.