Key facilities blocked.

Protests intensify in Basra as residents demand improved services

AL-SADIQ DISTRICT, BASRA — Residents of Al-Sadiq District in northern Basra escalated their protests today by blocking the district headquarters and restricting access to nearby oil fields. The demonstrators are voicing their frustrations over what they describe as inadequate public services and are calling for the dismissal of District Mayor Yasin Al-Batat.

According to protester Alaa Al-Mansouri, the community has shut down both the district headquarters and the entrance to the oil fields in the Al-Jir area, south of the district. “We are now stationed at the entrance of the West Qurna 1 field and plan to persist for two days in hopes of achieving our demands,” Al-Mansouri told 964media.

Jihad Al-Mansouri, another protester, emphasized the community’s demands: “We are calling for the dismissal of Yasin Al-Batat and the formation of a committee authorized by the Council of Ministers to negotiate with representatives of our movement within the district and hear our concerns.”

The residents have expressed longstanding grievances, which were previously highlighted during a protest on April 6. They labeled their district as “neglected” and underlined a critical need for immediate improvements in public services.

In response to the protests, District Mayor Yasin Al-Batat defended his administration’s efforts, citing several ongoing and planned projects aimed at enhancing district infrastructure. “We have initiated multiple projects, including the construction of 17 new schools, three health centers, and a 200-dunam site for the colleges of Management and Law, along with dormitories,” Al-Batat explained. He also noted the development of a new 33 kV electrical substation, plans for a 132 kV station, and significant roadwork funded by the West Qurna 1 oil field.

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