Position held by interim mayor since 2021

First female mayor appointed in Makhmur’s Dibaga

DIBAGA – For nearly three years, the mayoral position in Dibaga was managed by an interim appointee. This interim period began on Aug. 8, 2021, when the previous mayor was appointed as the mayor of Makhmur, leaving the Dibaga position vacant.

Zirak Hassan, the mayor of Makhmur, told 964media, “For three years, we have managed the Dibaga municipality on an interim basis. Today, a new mayor has been appointed. After the decision of the General Directorate of Municipalities, I became the mayor of Makhmur on Aug. 8, 2021. The mayoral position in Dibaga remained vacant until today, and now Tavga Khan has taken office.”

Tavga Abdulaziz, born in 1988, is the new mayor of Dibaga. She told 964media, “Today is my first day in office. Since the establishment of the Makhmur municipality in 1936, I am the first woman to serve as mayor. In the future, we aim to implement more projects in Dibaga.”

Dibaga became the administrative center of the Kandenawa district in 1937, housing all essential governmental institutions of the time. These included the Dibaga barracks, district administration, police station, health center, post and telegraph office, civil affairs office, finance department, municipal services, and educational services established in 1936.

Dibaga is located 42 kilometers southwest of Erbil at the intersection of the Mosul-Kirkuk and Erbil-Makhmur roads.