Blending theory and practice

University of Mosul’s media department opens first television studio

MOSUL, January 21 – The University of Mosul’s Department of Media has launched its first television studio, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

This milestone, achieved with limited resources by faculty and alumni, ushers in a new era of hands-on learning for media students.

Since its establishment in 2012, the Media Department, under the College of Arts, has graduated 250 students. Despite its success, the department has struggled with insufficient funding for practical learning resources like studios and media labs.

Lecturer Fath Al-Mashhadani led the studio’s creation, with vital support from fellow faculty members and alumni. The collective effort secured essential equipment, including screens, an auto-cue, sound and image engineering tools, computers, and furniture.

Dr. Raad Al-Taie noted the department’s move to a new building as a turning point for establishing the studio. Al-Mashhadani’s initiative, starting with the donation of his first salary to buy an auto-cue, inspired further contributions.

Student Mohammed Al-Sarraf highlighted the studio’s role in shifting the department’s focus from theory to practical skills, vital in a job market that favors experience. Hossam Hadeed, another student, pointed out the importance of the studio for workshops and hands-on training, preparing them for real-world assignments.

Noor Abdul Qader, a female student, stressed the significance of practical activities alongside theoretical studies in media, underscoring the studio’s value. Graduate Ahmed Farouk acknowledged the studio’s immediate impact, noting the conduct of training workshops and mock conferences as a testament to the collaborative efforts of faculty, alumni, and students.

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