Bridge a product of ‘well-defined vision’, says Al-Sudani

Iraqi PM announces new bridge to ease Baghdad congestion

BAGHDAD, 20 January – Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani announced on Saturday plans to construct a new bridge parallel to the Al-Sarafiya Bridge in Baghdad. This initiative is part of the government’s strategy to reduce traffic congestion in the capital. The announcement was made following the inauguration of an overpass at the College of Fine Arts intersection, named in honor of the late artist Faeq Hassan.

Key hughlight from Prime Minister Al-Sudani’s speech include:

  • He expressed confidence that Iraq is progressing positively.
  • The Fine Arts intersection project, while modest, signifies the government’s broader and more ambitious objectives.
  • The development near the College of Fine Arts is a result of a well-defined vision and the government’s dedication to providing services, says Sudani.
  • Al-Sudani highlighted that many projects are being completed on or ahead of schedule.

The government’s plan includes the completion of the Al-Sarafiya intersection overpass and the new bridge adjacent to the existing Al-Sarafiya Bridge.