Locals in Baghdad’s Umada Al-Saydiya seek revival of old park

BAGHDAD, 20 January — Residents of the “Umada Al-Saydiya” residential area adjacent to Baghdad’s Ilam District are advocating for the restoration of their neighborhood’s park, which has deteriorated into a dumping ground for garbage and debris. They assert that refurbishing the park could prevent “political party groups” from encroaching on the land.

The former “Umada Al-Sayidia” park, situated near Al-Karkh Games City and approximately 500 meters from Qatar Al-Nada and Turath Streets, has significantly deteriorated. Once a lush green space, it now serves as a repository for waste and rubble, compounded by the presence of private generators.

A spokesperson for the local residents, speaking to the 964media, said:
“This plot was once a picturesque garden, but it’s now reduced to a trash heap and a dumping site for various debris.”

The neighborhood, housing around 500 residences established late 1990s, has repeatedly requested the transformation of this land back into a garden, park, or playground. Despite its prime location amidst a residential district and facing a main thoroughfare, their pleas have been met with inaction from the authorities.

Ownership of the land falls under the Ministry of Finance. It has faced numerous takeover attempts by influential individuals and political parties, but security forces are actively preventing unauthorized construction.