Mayor outlines new rules for the area

Erbil’s Iskan street to transform into pedestrian-friendly hub

ERBIL, January 19 – Erbil’s Iskan Street is set to undergo a transformation as the mayor intensifies monitoring of restaurants and shops, promising increased opportunities for street vendors.

Mayor Nabaz Abdulhamid informed 964media that improvements have been made to the street, with street stalls now permitted during specific nighttime hours, under close supervision.

Addressing public concerns about nighttime irregularities on the street, Abdulhamid stated, “Many people earn a livelihood there; we want to assist them, and we have provided assistance, as long as they adhere to laws and guidelines.”

Sources indicate a future plan to revamp Iskan Street, envisioning its transformation into a pedestrian-friendly space with no vehicular traffic. The proposal includes the creation of a plaza with stalls, cabins, and artisanal food vendors.

Abdulhamid emphasized the significance of Iskan as a unique gathering place in Erbil, particularly during special occasions, and expressed the intention to offer more opportunities in the evolving urban landscape.

Erbil teams tackle clogged sewers along Iskan Street

Erbil teams tackle clogged sewers along Iskan Street