Food waste from restaurants largely to blame

Erbil teams tackle clogged sewers along Iskan Street

ERBIL, December 5 — The Erbil Water and Sewerage Directorate has unveiled a series of images showing municipal teams cleaning the sewers along Iskan Street.

Zardasht Abdulkhaliq Sarsam, Director of Water and Sewerage in Erbil, told 964 that cleaning efforts were prompted by a prevalent issue where numerous restaurants along the popular street dispose of used cooking oil directly into the sewers, contributing to the accumulation of waste from various shops.

Highlighting the impact of the initiative, the director disclosed that on certain days, as many as three six-ton trucks are dispatched to collect food and sewage waste from the street.

Iskan Street, situated in the bustling heart of Erbil, is renowned for its daytime activity and nightlife. Famed for its vibrant array of fast-food establishments and tea houses, the street stands as a prominent fixture in the city’s landscape.