Serving chai from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Baghdad tea stand’s special blend draws customers from across the city

BAGHDAD, January 15 — The Al-Harithiya tea stand sits on a corner of Baghdad’s Al-Kindi Street, near the famous Aref Restaurant, where Saad Abu Al-Chai’s business serves traditional Iraqi tea from dawn until midnight.

Customers sip cups of dark, generously-sweetened tea surrounded by images reminiscent of the old Baghdad, with its shops and its characters. Piles of charcoal are used to heat the teapots, and add an extra layer of smoky flavor to the tea.

“Our stand has been here since the early ’90s, and we have customers coming from different areas in Baghdad because of the blend of 14 types of tea that we heat on charcoal in aluminum tea pots,” Al-Chai said.

He continued, “We even have Iraqi customers residing in Germany and Sweden, and when they visit Baghdad, they specifically seek out our stand.”

Customer Osama Ahmed shared with 964media, “The tea from this stand has a delicious taste, and its location on Al-Kindi Street is convenient. My colleagues and I have been savoring its flavors for years.”