KRG implements 1,530 service projects in Erbil in the past year

Erbil, January 5– In a press conference on Thursday, Erbil Governor Omid Khoshnaw revealed that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) successfully executed 1,530 service projects in Erbil governorate during the past year, amounting to a total value of 202 billion and 500 million dinars.

As Erbil looks ahead to the current year, a dedicated budget of 103 billion dinars has been earmarked for ongoing service-oriented initiatives. Governor Khoshnaw emphasized the allocation of resources, stating, “In alignment with the provincial development budget, Erbil’s designated share amounts to 130 billion dinars. Our primary focus is directed towards areas underserved, prioritizing equitable distribution of services.”

Statistics from Erbil Municipality indicate an additional stride in local initiatives. In the initial 11 months of the past year, the municipality independently funded and implemented 29 service projects, contributing to a total value surpassing six billion dinars.