Director explains to 964

A Kurdish film triumphs at the El Gouna Film Festival

ERBIL, December 24 — At the sixth El Gouna Film Festival in Egypt, the Kurdish movie “Transient Happiness” (“Gharibana”), directed by Sina Muhammed, has achieved notable success, winning two prestigious awards.

Actress Parwin Rajabi received the El Gouna Star for Best Actress for her role in the film. The official El Gouna website highlighted her performance as “remarkable,” portraying a woman who only begins to receive attention from her husband after falling ill.

In addition to this accolade, “Transient Happiness” was honored with the El Gouna Star for Best Arab Narrative Film, further establishing its critical acclaim.

Director Sina Mohammed, in a conversation with 964media, shared that the film also received an honorary award from new Egyptian filmmakers. He emphasized the significance of this recognition, marking it as a notable achievement in the film’s journey.