Despite cold weather

Women Lead Turnout in, Balad, Salah al-Din

BALAD, December 18 — During Monday’s elections for provincial councils in Balad, Salah al-Din, 964media reported a notably active turnout by women, surpassing that of men. This occurred despite the early morning’s cold and foggy conditions.

Wissam Mufuq, an election monitor told 964media: “Women, despite generally being less engaged with political matters and current affairs, showed a keen interest in the election details and attended the polling centers even in challenging weather conditions.”

Hussein Issam, an elections affairs expert told 964media: “A significant decline in male voter participation was observed, potentially reflecting a loss of confidence in the political process and authority. The non-fulfilment of promises by parties after previous elections may have contributed to this trend, as evidenced by the reduced number of men at the polling centers.”