Intellectual property cases gain newperspective

Sulaymaniyah Court appoints first judicial music expert

SULAYMANIYAH, December 13 — The Sulaymaniyah Court has appointed its first judicial expert specializing in music, signaling a new avenue for legal recourse for singers and musicians in the region.

Azhi Ayad, a forensic music expert, spoke to 964 about the crucial role of music experts in legal proceedings, underscoring that judges now have the opportunity to seek guidance from a specialist in the field for each case. Notably, the Kurdistan Region’s courts lacked a judicial expert in music until this appointment, leaving musicians and singers without recourse for violations of their rights.

“To attain the status of an expert judge in music, individuals must possess expertise in the field and hold a bachelor’s degree, followed by successful completion of various tests,” Ayad explained.

He emphasized the transformative impact of the initiative, noting that musicians and singers, who previously grappled with unauthorized use or inability to safeguard and copyright their work, can now assert their rights by approaching the Sulaymaniyah Court.