Scholarships for post-graduate studies

KRG ministry to invest $900,775 in educational support for qualified applicants

ERBIL, December 4 — The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is set to allocate $900,775 to support 100 graduates and qualified applicants as part of its commitment to a capacity-building program that offers scholarships and funding for post-graduate studies.

Aram Qadir, KRG Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, confirmed the initiative, emphasizing the ministry’s dedication to providing financial entitlements to those who successfully complete their studies and return to contribute to the development of the Kurdistan Region.

Applicants are advised to visit the ministry’s office, bringing all necessary documents, including workplace verification, demonstrating uninterrupted service after obtaining their degrees. Additionally, candidates with five years of public service should provide corresponding documentation.