New group formed this week

Sulaymaniyah realtors establish industry association to improve city’s real estate sector

SULAYMANIYAH, November 28 — Real estate companies in Sulaymaniyah unveiled the Real Estate Summit Association this week, in an effort to elevate the region’s real estate sector.

An official announcement was made by the newly-formed trade group in Sulaymaniyah on Sunday.

Nabaz Jaza, a member of the association, told 964, “Our objective is to unify real estate to work more collectively.” Despite sharing its mission, the association has not yet applied for approval from the Interior Ministry.

Sunday’s announcement follows the recent establishment of the Real Estate Advisory Association in Erbil, which elected a governing board earlier this month.

Jaza, however, clarified the Sulaymaniyah group’s position, saying, “We are entirely independent and unrelated to the association in Erbil.”