Each plant carries the name of the student who planted it

Safwan municipality plants 1000 seedlings in schools for ‘Green Cell’ project

BASRA, November 12 — Safwan Municipality planted 1000 seedlings in 5 schools on Sunday as part of the “Green Cell” project, aiming to green the city’s schools. Each plant carries the name of the student who planted it, and the student is responsible for its care and watering.

Abdulmohsen Abdul Ali – Public Relations Officer in Safwan Municipality for Network 964:

“During the first phase, 5 schools were greened, and we will continue, Inshaallah, with this campaign to complete all the schools in the district.

The schools covered by the planting of the 1000 seedlings are as follows:

Brir Al-Hamdani Primary School
Al-Shahid Abdul Abbas Primary School
Al-Taa’won Primary School
Maria Primary School
Abbas bin Ali Primary School
The campaign included planting various types of seedlings for trees and flowers, including the ‘Ghaneemi,’ ‘Mina,’ and ‘Sahel.’

The campaign aims to raise awareness among students about the importance of planting. The student will be responsible for caring for the plant they planted with their own hands, bearing their name.

We invite the esteemed educational staff and our dear students to take care of these trees and preserve the beauty of schools in the Safwan district.”