Erbil municipality removes illegal signsboards across the city

ERBIL, July 23 — Erbil’s municipality continues to remove illegal signboards, advertisements, and unauthorized speed bumps in several neighborhoods around the capital city in an effort to reduce congestion and clear sidewalks.

A statement from the Erbil municipality read: “Upon the recommendation of the Mayor of Erbil, the first, second, and third municipal directorates, in coordination with the municipal police, have removed several violations such as unauthorized speed bumps, billboards, and advertisements on 40- and 60-Meter streets and the areas of Waziran, Naznaz, New Erbil, Eskan Street, Sheikh Allah Market, and Qaisariya Market.”

Authorities said the campaign would continue in all targeted areas, and necessary instructions would be given to traders, shop owners, and companies to comply with the new guidelines set by the Erbil municipality.