Projects cover healthcare, education, and roadways

Nineveh governor announces 107 rural reconstruction projects and opening of 20 news schools

NINEVE, October 5 — The Governor of Nineveh, Najm Al-Jubouri, has announced 107 reconstruction projects in rural areas of the governorate as part of the second phase of building rehabilitation and road construction initiated by the local government, in addition to the opening of 20 new schools to mark the start of the new academic year.

Al-Jubouri gave a statement to the Al-Sabah state newspaper and said municipalities across Nineveh had begun reconstruction efforts primarily focused on the healthcare and education sectors, as well as road and bridge infrastructure, particularly those that were affected during the military operations to liberate Mosul.

He also noted that approximately 40 schools across the governorate were still in the process of reconstruction, while 20 new schools had opened to students with the start of the new year.