Due to increased demand and limited supply

Fuel prices increase in Sulaymaniyah

SULAYMANIYAH – Gasoline prices in Sulaymaniyah have increased by 25 dinars per liter, nearly two U.S. cents. The new prices are now 850 dinars (65 cents) per liter for regular gasoline, 1,025 dinars (77 cents) for premium, and 1,175 dinars (90 cents) for super.

This price hike was confirmed by 964media at several gas stations in Sulaymaniyah, with the new rates effective since last night.

Irfan Omer, the manager at Sarchinar gas station, attributed the increase to high demand and limited supply. “There has been a high demand for gasoline and a limited supply, which are contributing factors to the price increase,” Omer told 964media. “We expect gasoline prices to rise further, potentially increasing by an additional 50 to 75 dinars per liter.”

Sulaymaniyah’s price increase follows similar hikes in the provinces of Erbil and Duhok, where fuel prices were raised 10 days ago.