Family in Kirkuk trains Iraq’s taekwondo champions

KIRKUK, April 4 — Al-Asra neighborhood in Kirkuk is home to a Taekwondo training center established by a family passionate about the sport. Initially started for their own children and those of relatives and friends, the center has expanded to include children from all over Kirkuk.

Eshan Ibrahim, Taekwondo coach told 964 Network:
The hall currently trains 20 young talents, some of whom have already participated in local and regional competitions, earning a variety of medals.

The center aims to prepare professional players for Iraqi teams and has produced gold medalists for both sexes.

The family-like atmosphere encourages the team members to work together and motivates new trainees to join.

The center charges a small fee for training to make sports accessible and divert children from street activities.

Nutrition education is also a priority to ensure healthy development.