150 saplings planned

Two young men lead community effort to plant fruit trees along village road

SANGASAR – In an act of community service, two young men have embarked on a project to enhance the road to their village, Ashuran, in the Sangasar district, by planting durable, fruit-bearing trees along a one-kilometer stretch.

Karokh Hassan, a participant in the initiative, said, “The road to our village was stark and lacked greenery, prompting us to plant trees to beautify the area and promote environmental health,” according to 964media.

Choosing trees that thrive in the Pshdar climate and yield fruit but were financially out of reach, they relied on contributions from friends and family for the saplings and began the planting effort.

The saplings, expected to grow to two meters, are planted strategically to avoid damage from grazing livestock. Beyond planting, the duo has coordinated irrigation efforts, and villagers have committed to assisting with watering and caring for the trees, ensuring they are well-maintained.

Initially, around 50 saplings were planted, with plans to plant at least 100 more.

Ashuran, situated within the Sangasar sub-district of the Pshdar district, houses approximately 50 families and is located one kilometer from the sub-district center.