Mount Korek

Iraqi PM in Kurdistan Region to participate in Newroz event

ERBIL – Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani made an official visit to Erbil, which will be followed by his participation in a special Newroz event on Mount Korek, in the Soran Administration.

Al-Sudani’s visit is in response to an invitation from Masrour Barzani, the prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

He will attend an evening banquet on Mount Korek, organized by the KRG for a number of Iraqi government officials, ambassadors, and consuls from various countries.

Today, Al-Sudani extended his Newroz greetings to the Kurdish people and all Iraqis.

His office released a statement saying, “With the most beautiful wishes and sincere congratulations, I extend to our dear Kurdish people in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and to all our generous Iraqi people, on the occasion of the Newroz holidays, which carry hope, joy, and a look forward to a bright tomorrow.”

The congratulations also go out to all the peoples of the region who celebrate this “historic festival.”

“Once again, Newroz arrives in our country, and our people continue to work and build, and to consolidate steps to achieve the aspirations and goals shared by Iraqis, in light of the government program that reflects their needs and ambitions,” the statement reads.

The visit occurs amid escalating tensions between Al-Sudani’s federal government and the KRG over threats to the region’s autonomy, perceived judicial interference in the region’s affairs, and disputes over salary payments for Kurdistan Region public sector workers.

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