Several regions hit

Heavy rains and flooding across Iraq

IRAQ — Heavy rainfall and hail battered various regions of Iraq on Tuesday, as meteorologists warned of ongoing, unpredictable weather patterns and declining temperatures.

In Baghdad, residents grappled with torrential rain and hail, locally known as haloob, which affected multiple parts of the capital.

Meanwhile, Basra in southern Iraq experienced a deluge of heavy rain since the early morning hours, resulting in the flooding of numerous streets and main thoroughfares.

Khazal Hamid, Director of the Sewage Department, reported that teams were swiftly mobilized to prevent water buildup on roads, deploying tankers to facilitate vehicle movement.

Despite ongoing efforts, Hamid cautioned “Some areas still have water due to the deteriorated infrastructure, but we are reaching all central areas of Basra, and the water will be drained,” warned Hamid.

Basra resident Ahmad Hassan recounted the challenges brought by the unexpected downpour, highlighting the inundation of the Republic area and the difficulties it posed in transporting children to school.

“We were astonished that the local government did not declare a school holiday despite the ongoing rain,” he added.

Additionally, 964media documented the heavy rainfall sweeping through the city of Sharqat in the central Salah Al-Din province, disrupting traffic flow due to flooding.

Local resident Abu Mohammed described the closure of several main streets, nearly halting traffic movement altogether. While government and community efforts were underway to address the situation, Mohammed emphasized the overwhelming impact of the downpour.

In response to the inclement weather, the Diyala Education Directorate issued directives for schools to inspect building roofs for cleanliness and to disconnect electrical supplies as a precaution against short circuits.

According to a 964 media correspondent, citizens, and security forces collaborated to rescue a herd of sheep from being swept away by torrential floods in the Hamrin areas northeast of Diyala.

Although areas such as Hamrin, Khanaqin, Qazania, and Mandali witnessed significant flood flows through agricultural lands and valleys, there were no reports of human or material damage in residential areas and villages.

Two missing after flooding in Duhok's Nizarki district

Two missing after flooding in Duhok's Nizarki district