Food drive ongoing in Baghdad

Sadr City residents join campaign to support Gaza

BAGHDAD – Residents of Sadr City in eastern Baghdad have participated in a campaign initiated by Sadrist Movement leader Muqtada Al-Sadr to donate essential food items for Ramadan to Palestinians in Gaza. The campaign focuses on gathering staple foods such as sugar, flour, lentils, and more.

Sadr City serves as the primary collection center for the Sadrist Movement’s campaign. Initially planned to span five days with potential for extension, the drive has garnered contributions from local residents and individuals from neighboring areas, who have donated various food items and necessities.

Ibrahim al-Jaberi, director of Al-Sadr’s office in Baghdad’s Al-Rusafa district, told 964media, “The central branch for collecting donations is the office of the Martyr Sadr in the city… [The Movement’s chief] Al-Sadr will also decide on the method of delivery for these aids, whether by land or air.”

Ali Salem, a Sadr City resident said to 964media, “It’s a remarkable initiative. Despite not being affiliated with the Sadrist Movement, our family contributed what we could, including flour, sugar, tea, and lentils.”

“We earnestly hope to alleviate the crisis facing our brethren in Gaza. We stand in solidarity with them and offer whatever assistance we can,” he added.