Raft of demands

Protests in Suq Al-Shuyukh for project implementation, service improvements

SUQ AL-SHUYUKH – Residents from the Al-Askary Al-Awwal District in Suq Al-Shuyukh protested at the district’s entrance on Sunday, calling for the implementation of the district’s project, lower electricity and water rates, and the start of the second phase of the main road project in the Al-Hay Al-Askary District. The District Commissioner of Dhi Qar’s Suq Al-Shuyukh has directed the completion of project surveys for inclusion in this year’s plans.

Mohammed Kazem, a local, expressed to 964media, “We held a peaceful protest to push for the sewerage project’s initiation, similar to that in the Second Military District, and for the construction of the other side of the main road, which has been significantly delayed.

“Our district’s condition is poor, lacking basic services. We urge the initiation of service projects to alleviate our situation.”

Nabil Al-Musawi, the district commissioner, told 964media, “Owing to limited funds and the strategy of the Ministry of Planning and the Reconstruction Fund of Dhi Qar, areas previously worked on must be fully completed. Thus, the 2023 plan supplements the fund’s efforts. For 2024, we’ve agreed with the fund to include the Al-Askary Al-Awwal district in a comprehensive project. We’ve instructed relevant departments to complete surveys for this year’s plan.”