Move to boost safety

Cycling banned on key Erbil orbitals

ERBIL – The Erbil Traffic Police have declared a ban on all cycling activities on the 120 and 150-meter rapid transit streets to improve safety conditions, citing significant dangers posed to cyclists amidst high-speed vehicle traffic.

Lieutenant Colonel Hemin Hama-Amin, the spokesperson for the Erbil Traffic Police, informed 964media about the prohibition of cycling on these specific streets due to their designation as high-speed lanes, which present considerable risks to cyclists.

“The primary goal of this ban is to safeguard cyclists from potential hazardous incidents or accidents,” Hama-Amin explained.

These streets, vital for city connectivity, have been favored by cyclists for training and competitive purposes. However, despite potential requests for access, the police have ruled out any cycling activities on these roads, highlighting the dangers and possible disruptions to vehicle traffic, particularly given that cyclists often train in groups, which elevates the risk levels.

As main orbital roads encircling Erbil, the 120 and 150-meter highways are relatively new, high-quality routes that support very fast driving, significantly increasing the danger for cyclists.

Through this ban, the Erbil Traffic Police aim to enhance road safety and prevent accidents, addressing the growing concerns over the coexistence of cyclists and fast-moving vehicles on these significant roadways.