'The one with the earrings'

Iraqi political satirist raps up desert tunes

964media — In a succinct and vibrant track, “Abu Treygiah, [The one with the earrings]”, Iraqi political satirist Ahmad Albasheer teams up with Mustafa Al-Abdullah and Syrian singer Hussein Al-Badran to blend traditional desert tunes with rap, delivering not just a song but a subtle political jab.

The track, deeply rooted in the desert heritage of Iraq and Syria, starts with traditional singing that pays homage to the region’s vast desert culture. The lyrics and the music set the stage for a journey through time and tradition.

As with his other character, the narrative takes a sharp turn with Albasheer’s entry. His rap segments introduce a modern twist, creating a smooth but striking juxtaposition that goes beyond musical innovation.

By weaving contemporary rap into the fabric of traditional music, he not only showcases the possibility of cultural and generational bridges but also delivers a critique of political figures clinging to outdated ideologies.

“Abu Treygiah” is more than a musical experiment; it’s a platform for Albasheer’s political satire inviting listeners to reflect on the importance of moving forward while acknowledging the past.