Founder offers free seminars

Entrepreneur fosters startup ecosystem in Karbala with business academy

KARBALA – Ali Khaled, a young entrepreneur from Maysan, is spearheading the XO Business Pioneers Academy in Karbala, dedicated to supporting startups with financial consultations and free seminars. The academy focuses on resolving companies’ commercial and marketing issues, offering tailored solutions for both investors and consumers.

XO Business Pioneers Academy distinguishes itself as a pioneering entity in Karbala, aiming to cultivate a successful environment for emerging companies and projects. Khaled emphasizes the academy’s role as the first of its kind in the city to provide business consultations and free seminars targeting young people.

“I chose Karbala because it is a successful business environment, ripe for development in the job market, because of its abundant resources and status as an attractive destination for visitors,” Khalid said. He has taken an active role in supporting the local community, giving over 30 free seminars at cultural cafes, targeting ambitious young people in entrepreneurship and commerce. His approach has relied on a summary derived from visiting dozens of companies in Karbala to gather real data and find suitable solutions.

Khaled is now working to establish an entrepreneurs’ club where company managers and project owners can discuss organized market competition.

Zu Al-Fakar Abdul Hakim, a participant in one of Khaled’s seminars, shared his interest in learning more about entrepreneurship. “I took part in a workshop explaining how to create a brand from scratch and about professionalism, which was free.” Through the workshop, Abdul Hakim said he learned how to conduct a market study, understand feasibility, economics, data analysis, and brand value. He has been able to apply some of what he learned to his own project and already has seen positive results in marketing and returns, he added.

Sajja Mohammed, another participant, shared: “I participated in an entrepreneurship workshop by the academy because I needed it since I was about to start my first project and had a great fear of failure.”

Mohammed noted the workshop included scientific and psychological aspects, which she understood through the program and topics discussed.