Divvied up between State of Law and Asa'ib Ahl Al-Haq

Coordination Framework to tighten control at state broadcaster

BAGHDAD — Sources have unveiled major upcoming shifts at the Iraqi Media Network, notably including the ousting of its leader, Nabil Jasim, and the division of leadership roles between the State of Law Coalition and the Harakat Asa’ib Ahl Al-Haq.

Initially planned months back, these changes were delayed by the Coordination Framework due to its focus on establishing provincial councils and appointing governors.

According to the sources, the Maliki faction is poised to take over the network’s presidency “due to its persistent efforts,” while the board of trustees will be headed by Qais Al-Khazali loyalists.

Since Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani’s government came into power in November 2022, Jasim’s position has become increasingly untenable in failing to align with the Coordination Framework’s ambitions to dominate state media in the Sadrist Movement’s absence from the political scene. Sadr has withdrawn MPs and politicians from public service and refused to participate in last year’s local elections.

Despite Ammar Al-Hakim’s efforts, he could not prevent Jasim’s parliamentary questioning scheduled for Tuesday, or the announcement of leadership changes at the Iraqi Media Network.

Reliable sources report a significant clash between the State of Law Coalition and the Asa’ib Ahl Al-Haq movement for control over the Iraqi Media Network

The leadership change, finalized after initial postponements due to the Coordination Framework’s priorities, now sees an informal agreement placing a nominee from Nouri al-Maliki’s coalition at the helm of the network.

Maliki’s considerations include Ali Al-Shalah and Fadhil Farajallah (both former network heads), with Mohammed Al-Hamd emerging as a favored candidate after resigning from the Media and Communications Authority’s board of trustees.

The Board of Trustees’ presidency is expected to go to Asa’ib, likely to Sand Al-Hamdani, currently serving as director general of Al-Ahad channel and in the Ministry of Oil.

The Board will include a representative from the State of Law Coalition, two senior network staff members, and an individual from another political group.

These changes hinge on resolving the situation with Nabil Jasim, who is due for parliamentary questioning on issues including alleged favoritism in drama production contracts.

Sunni and Kurdish factions are united in their call for a leadership change at the Iraqi Media Network, with ongoing discussions to finalize their positions on the matter.

The IMN is a state media organization that plays a significant role in the country’s media landscape. With its array of television and radio stations, a news agency, newspaper, magazine, and media training institute, it employs over 4,000 people, including permanent staff and contractors.

Parliamentary committee denies summoning Iraqi Media Network head

Parliamentary committee denies summoning Iraqi Media Network head

Parliamentary committee denies summoning Iraqi Media Network head

Parliamentary committee denies summoning Iraqi Media Network head