Father-Daughter Duo

Behind the scenes with 964media’s star reporter supported by her father

RANYA, SULAYMANIYAH, 21 January — In this heartfelt video from Ranya, 964media’s active reporter Zhewar Khidr offers a unique glimpse into her professional life, revealing the integral role her father plays in her career.

Accompanied by her father, who serves as her driver and camera operator, Zhewar covers events in Ranya, including a live broadcast about the stray dog issue in Darwaza Park.

The video captures the strong bond between Zhewar and her father, showcasing his unwavering support and dedication to her aspirations in media.

Zhewar’s father, dismissing societal judgments, proudly assists and encourages her, emphasizing the importance of family support in achieving dreams.

Colleagues and journalists in the Raperin area also acknowledge and admire this special father-daughter collaboration.

The video ends with Zhewar expressing profound gratitude to her father and family, attributing her success and inspiration to become a journalist to them.