Offerings include free medical exams

Karbala medical complex offers free healthcare and discounts in charity drive

KARBALA, 20 January — Al-Nourin Medical Complex in Karbala is providing a range of free medical services and substantial discounts on medical examinations as part of its charitable initiatives, officials said.

Since its opening last October in the Askari Al-Hur neighborhood, the complex has been offering monthly initiatives. The most recent, in January, included free doctor and vision examinations, along with a 50% discount on laboratory tests and a 30% discount on dental services, according to the complex’s administration.

The complex houses several specialty clinics, including obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, nursing, and dentistry, as well as an ultrasound and pathology laboratory.

The Karbalai team recently traveled 600 kilometers to provide psychological treatment for the first time in Tal Afar and Sinjar, officials said. Both places were under Islamic State control at one point and experts have long called for more psychological support for traumatized citizens.

Laith Rahim, the administrative director at the complex, told 964media that the primary focus of the complex is charitable, with a non-profit approach. On regular days without special initiatives, the complex retains only 20% of the doctors’ fees, which are then allocated for maintaining the facility.

This month, the complex is offering free pediatric consultations, optometry, dentistry, and nursing clinic services, in addition to a 30% discount on dental treatment costs.

The fees for the pathology analysis laboratory are set at only 50% of the market rate, and ultrasound fees will not exceed 8,000 dinars, officials added.

The complex has also negotiated with the nearby pharmacy, which is not affiliated with it, to prevent increases in medicine prices. In some cases, discounts are provided, with the complex’s management bearing the responsibility for the costs.

Most of the administrative staff are volunteers, supporting the initiative to ensure its continuity and reach a broader number of visitors.

Officials noted that this initiative is not the first, following two previous initiatives, and plans are underway for additional initiatives and free services during all religious and national holidays.