Crackdown promised as drug trade grows

Iraq’s interior minister says ‘no leniency’ in fight against drug trade

BAGHDAD, 20 January — Abdul Amir al-Shammari, Iraq’s interior minister, has emphasized the government’s reinforced efforts against the drug trade in a statement today.

Addressing the media and the 964media, al-Shammari stated, “The specialized agencies are on the watch for drug traders and will show no leniency in arresting or killing them.” This statement comes against the backdrop of an alarming rise in drug trafficking in Iraq.

Iraq, traditionally a transit nation for drugs moving from Iran and Syria, has seen an increase in both the consumption and production of narcotics. The Ministry of Interior’s narcotics directorate reported over 10,000 arrests related to drug crimes in a recent period, alongside significant drug seizures, including millions of Captagon pills and large quantities of crystal meth.

The growing drug crisis in Iraq has led to heightened social issues and an uptick in criminal activities. This is compounded by the reported involvement of militias and political groups in the drug trade, which would pose a challenge to the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts.

In response to the crisis, the Iraqi government has initiated the opening of rehabilitation centers in various provinces, aimed at providing support and recovery services for addicts. These efforts indicate a move towards addressing both the law enforcement and public health aspects of the drug problem.