"Islamic resistance" claims reponsibility

Two drone attacks near Erbil international airport

ERBIL, January 18 – The Counter-Terrorism Directorate (CTD)of Kurdistan reported the interception and downing of a bomb-laden drone near Erbil International Airport. The statement released at 11:06 PM indicated that outlawed militias launched the drone targeting the base of the International Coalition against ISIS at the airport.

Witnesses in the vicinity of Erbil Airport communicated to 964media about a loud explosion heard earlier, with ongoing aircraft sounds in the area.

This event is identified as the second attack on the Coalition base near Erbil Airport on the same night. While CTD denied the first attack, a separate security source confirmed to 964media the occurrence of a drone attack earlier in the evening.

Around 7 PM, residents near Ankawa reported a loud noise, later confirmed by a security source as a drone attack, which was repelled by the Coalition forces’ defence systems. However, CTD did not acknowledge this drone attack.

The “Islamic Resistance” group claimed responsibility for the attack. Their statement did not clarify if they were referring to one or both attacks. They stated the attack was part of their ongoing efforts “to resist the US occupation of Iraq and in response to the massacres of the Zionist entity against our people in Gaza.” The group vowed to continue attacks on “enemy bases”.

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