More cameras to be installed

Speed cameras reduce road accidents by 100% on Erbil’s highways

ERBIL, August 9 — Accidents on Erbil’s roads are down 100% since local authorities installed point-to-point speed cameras on local highways, according to the city’s traffic directorate.

The camera system, implemented earlier this year, calculates the distance between cameras to determine the actual speed of vehicles by analyzing the time difference between two points. The system ensures continuous monitoring of the entire road rather than just the camera’s specific location. Prior to this, the regional government had installed these cameras on the Sulaymaniyah Road and in Dukan district.

Fadel Haji, Erbil Traffic Directorate spokesperson, told 964: “I can confidently say that since the installation of these cameras on the 120-meter road between Kirkuk Street and Banislawa, traffic accidents have decreased by 100%, and no accidents have been recorded. It’s important to note that we haven’t installed these cameras along the entire length of the 120-meter road.”

“These cameras will be installed along the 120-meter and 150-meter highways, as well as the Erbil-Dohuk Road, all of which are major highways.”