Convenience or annoyance?

Residents in Baghdad neighborhoods divided over tuk-tuk ban

BAGHDAD, August 9 — A number of residents in Baghdad’s Al-Bayaa district are calling for a total ban on tuk-tuks in the area, similar to the neighboring district of Sayyidah. They argue that tuk-tuks cause “significant chaos” in the area, along with traffic accidents, while others see them as a fast and affordable mode of transportation.

Tuk-Tuks have reportedly caused substantial disorder in Al-Bayaa and nearby neighborhoods, according to some residents. This has led to demands for either banning them or at least regulating their movement.

Abu Ahmed, a resident of Al-Bayaa, told 964: “The growing number of tuk-tuks is an uncivilized phenomenon that is causing congestion and traffic accidents. [Drivers] don’t adhere to safety conditions. The government should intervene to curb their spread in Al-Bayaa.”

“Al-Bayaa sees a new negative phenomenon every day, prompting many original residents to leave. Property prices have also dropped due to the significant chaos that has gripped the area.”

Abu Mustafa, a tuk-tuk driver, gave a different perspective, stating: “Tuk-tuks are a source of livelihood for many decent people. Some drivers cause problems within neighborhoods, affecting everyone. Tuk-tuk rides are affordable, and many residents in the area prefer them for their speed and availability everywhere and at any time.”

A source from the General Traffic Directorate shared with 964: “Tuk-tuk motorcycles have become official after being registered with the General Traffic Department and receiving yearly licenses and proper identification numbers. Banning tuk-tuks depends on the residents’ desires; if they want them to remain in their areas or not.”

“The residents of Sayyidah district have firmly rejected allowing tuk-tuks into their area, while in Al-Bayaa, many residents work as tuk-tuk drivers.”